MUSE H1 TPA6120A2 Stereo Headphone Amplifier

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MUSE H1 TPA6120A2 Stereo Headphone Amplifier

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MUSE H1 TPA6120A2 Big Power High Fidelity Stereo Headphone Amplifier

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Regular Price: $59.99

Special Price $49.99



Contrast H1, what does sApII PRO update:

1: Increase Burr Brown OPA2604AP chip as front-end amplification.

2: Increase the Texas Instruments (TI) high performance operational amplifier chip NE5534 as headphones protection circuit.

3:Use high-capacity capacitor filter specialized filter, completely remove low noise.

4: Use original Japanese ALPS potentiometer.

It can work with:

Sennheiser: HD598/HD600/HD650/HD800 ......

Beyerdynamic: T1/T5P/DT880/DT990 .....

AKG: K701/Q701/K702 .......

GRADO: SR80I/SR225I .......

TPA6120A2 is TI (Texas Instruments) has introduced the current feedback differential input high-fidelity headphone amplifier IC.


The TPA6120A2 is a high fidelity audio amplifier built on a current-feedback architecture. This high bandwidth, extremely low noise device is ideal for high performance equipment. The better than 120 dB of dynamic range exceeds the capabilities of the human ear, ensuring that nothing audible is lost due to the amplifier. The solid design and performance of the TPA6120A2 ensures that music, not the amplifier, is heard.


H1 circuit design as Texas Instruments (TI) top-TPA6120A2 headphone driver chip as core, TPA6120A2 is a current feedback amplifier circuit, conversion rates up 1300V/μs. Distortion of only 0.00014% THD + N, 120dB dynamic range, 120dB SNR. TPA6120A2 very powerful driving force, the maximum output current up to 700mA. Meet the large impedance headphones. With see above indicators, TPA6120A2 is positioned as HI-FI TI class headphone amplifier chip.

Therefore, H1 positioned as a professional high-power headphone amplifier.

H1 circuit design as a front end to Burr Brown OPA2604AP enlarge.
OPA2604AP for high-performance audio system design special op amp。low harmonic distortion, low noise, high gain bandwidth characteristics.
Dual FET-input OPA2604 provides a wider dynamic range, the sound is more resistant to listen. Generally used in professional audio equipment, spectrum analyzers and other high-end devices.


H1 use Texas Instruments (TI) high-performance op amp NE5534 as headphone protection circuit, high sensitivity headphones starting voltage protection circuit protection is 0.7V, than ordinary amp protection circuit sensitivity doubled. Protect your headphones, we are more professional.

H1 power supply using partial pressure techniques,Use high precision potentiometers for balance calibration, a high degree of positive and negative voltage balance. Another specialized high capacity filter capacitor filter, power quite clean. Maximum inhibition of low-noise, so that the headset can be heard almost no noise, let your ears more comfortable.



  • 80 mW into 600Ω From a ±12-V Supply at 0.00014% THD + N
  • Current-Feedback Architecture
  • Greater than 120 dB of Dynamic Range
  • SNR of 120 dB
  • Output Voltage Noise of 5 µVrms at Gain = 2 V/V
  • Power Supply Range: ±5 V to ±24 V
  • 1300 V/µs Slew Rate
  • Differential Inputs
  • Independent Power Supplies for Low Crosstalk
  • Short Circuit and Thermal Protection

Input interface: 3.5mm/RCA, stereo input (with switch)
Output interface: 6.35mm headphone Block
Shell color: black
Panel Color: black / silver (purchase please specify)

Input Level: 400mv to 2V
Output power: 150mw / 250Ω, 300mW / 120Ω, 1000mw / 32Ω
Machine size: 126mm x 74mm x30mm (including protruding parts)
Package weight: 500G (subject to actual shipping weight outside packaging structure)
Configuration list: H1  × 1 , POWER ADAPTER× 1
Voltage :100-240ACV global universal power supply
Warranty period: One year

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MUSE H1 TPA6120A2 Stereo Headphone Amplifier