iVox e7 Headphone&Pre Amplifier with XMOS 24bit 192kHz USB DAC DDC

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iVox e7 Headphone&Pre Amplifier with XMOS 24bit 192kHz USB DAC DDC

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iVox e7 Headphone&Pre Amplifier with XMOS 24bit 192kHz USB DAC DDC

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Regular Price: $399.99

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e7 integrates Super D V2.0 tuning technology, the latest version of Super D, which is a unique digital tuning technology of iVox. This technology integrates the R&D achievements of iVox in high quality tuning which lasts for 3 years, and adopts the latest developed low heat design to improve sound quality drastically.

e7 is an integrated headphone amplifier possessing high-quality sound as well as functions and convenience required by modern PC audio equipments/desktop audio equipments.



High-end parts are selected for all parts, realizing the durability, long life and high tone quality.

The design of high tone quality in which the analog line is totally separated from digital (DAC) PCB is used





Headphone amplifier: integrated into tuning system of [SuperD V2.0], crating a headphone amplifier with high quality.

DDA converter: USB, coaxial and optical fiber input as well as headphone output.

USB-DAC: asynchronous transmission 24Bit/192KHz. Support ASIO. Mac system doesn't need the driver.

USB-DDC: the computer signal is converted into 24/192 coaxial signal output with extremely low jitter.

Input: USB, coaxial/optical fiber and analog signal input.

Prime amplifier: it controls the sounds of all input terminals and possesses the function of pre-amplification of the high-quality line output.

Fixed level output: it can also conduct the output of fixed volume by using the high-quality line without the volume control.



iVox unique basic high-quality tuning technology released in June of 2015.

SuperD 2.0 version

The SuperD V2.0 published in May, 2015 has learned the feedback opinions from customers and made adjustments to the tone turning and balance degree of amplifier again, which make the product have the features of quick driving index, soft range, salubrious bass and full of the space presentation with site feeling. Even if you listen to it for a long time, you won't feel tired.

SuperD V2.0 enjoys the feature of being compatible with various earphones, providing you with excellent driving performance.


[SuperD V2.0] is compatible with the latest high-end earphones, and it can provide earphones with high-quality driving compatibility to the largest extent.

24bit/192Hz USB DAC,can also be used as high-precision USB-DDC

It employs USB Audio Class 2.0 to carry out asynchronous (not simultaneous) transmission, and it can steadily play in high quality through the sound source with high-definition audio frequency of 24bit/192kHz when connecting to the computer USB.

iHA-21EXUSB Input and Coaxial Output
USB Audio Class 2.0, using asynchronous transmission, as a high-performance USB-DDC compatible with 24bit/192kHz, is transformed by high-precision DD and output to external DAC.


1Use 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz respectively on the clock of USB controller and achieve being able to conduct data processing with the clock frequency of the best compatibility under the condition of ultra low jitter.

It is compatible with the drivers of Direct Sound and WASAP which are commonly used in Windows, and it is also compatible with the ASIO driver, which assure you of higher-quality music playing when you use ASIO music-playing software.

Since the Mac system itself comes with USB Audio Class 2.0 driver, this software can be used without the installation.

124bit/192kHz 132dB high-end DA rectifier, integrating PCM1792
1The high-end DAC chip of PCM 1792A produced by Texas Instruments runs in the clock frequency TCXO of high-precision +/- 10 ppm, which decreases dithering. The combination of OPAMP and LME49990 with ultra-low distortion and noise, designed for high-end loudspeakers and produced by TI, is chosen for OPAMP dealing with the tone color of DAC to realize the superb S/N ratio and output.

High-performance Amplifier

Control the volume of input signal, which integrates the analog output function of the amplifier.

It can also be freely switched to the fast fixed volume output not through the volume controller.

The function of avoiding POP noises with high performance

Can stop headphone output and analog output when the power is ON/OFF from producing POP noise and prevent the headphone from damaging voice output.

Good User Interface


Use the switching push-button ahead to change digital and analog output.

Use digital option buttons to switch three digital input of USB, optical fiber, coaxial.


Headphone output and circuit output can be chosen in three separate output and simultaneous output.

Output Options:

a) Earphone, b) RCA, c) Earphone+RCA


Switch fixed volume and variable volume

Long press power button for switching.

The output setting is pressing the power button under the variable voice (amplifier) mode for a long time, and the LEDs of the currently chosen (amplifier) mode will flicker.

Under this condition (press the power button without moving), press down the OUTPUT button and it can be switched to the passthru mode.

The opposite setting method is the same as the above.

The switching setting will be saved automatically after the end of operation, and the saved information will not disappear even though the power is off.

Unique Appearance Design

The size is determined after actual investigation and research of the desktop environment, based on which the figure of this product is designed through strict 3D structure.

Thoroughly tempered design makes the shape which is convenient to be placed on the table and to use. The high-taste design of total aluminum enables this product to be convenient to be put either beside computers and laptops or on stereo cabinets, beds, desks and chairs.


Low/High Two-stage Handover (LOW +0dB/HIGH +10dB)

DA Switching

Maximum 24bit/192kHz

S/N ratio

Over 118dB (JISA, input short-circuit, rated output)

Dynamic Range

132dB (Unbalanced RCA Output)

Total harmonic distortion

THD+N 0.005 (20~20kHz, 100mW, when it outputs, the  load is 32Ω)

Frequency characteristic

10Hz 20kHz  0.2dB (44.1kHz)

Input Sensitivity/Resistance


Rated output

(20Hz~20kHz, 0.025%)

→ 500mW + 500mW(64Ω load): 1000mW

→60mW+60mW (600Ω load): 120mW

Applicable headphones

The earphone with impedance  between 8 and 1k Ω

USB interface

USB Audio Device Class 1.0/2.0 Compliant with USB  2.0 Full Speed Operation*

Maximum 24bit/192khz*

Applicable Frequency: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz,  96kHz, 176.4kHz*, 192kHz*

*If you need to use USB Audio Device Class 2.0,  88.2kHz, 176.4kHz and 192kHz, device driver is required.

*Due to the restriction of technical specifications,  the digital output frequencies of WDM drives for Windows Vista and Windows 7  are only limited to 44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz/192kHz.

Applicable OS

Microsoft Windows 7&8(32bit/64bit),  Vista(32bit/64bit), XP, Mac OS X 10.6 or later versions

Sound Driver: WDM, Direct X, ASIO 2.1(Windows)/Core  Audio(Mac OS)

·Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United  States and other countries

·Mac OS X is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. in the United States  and other countries

Input port

→ Analog RCA (non-balanced) x1

→Digital x3 digital fiber · coaxial number · USB-B

Output Port

→ Headphone Jack x1 (φ6.3mm)

→RCA x1(analog and unbalance)

Digital: D·A switch output analog: channel output & amplifier output  (, optional)

→ Digital x1 Coaxial Digital (USB-DDC Output)


AC Power Supply DC 15V 1.9A Above (AC100V~230V  50/60Hz)

*Applicable to high-end iPSU-1 power (*match)

Power Consumption

Maximum is 18W (AC power),  and *maximum is 22W (iPSU-15), and 1W when standby.

Outline Dimension

W147mm x H43mm x D180mm (bare  machine)



Packing list

AC power supply, USB line and operation instruction

*In order to improve the performance and sound quality, the components of this product may be changed without notice. 

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iVox e7 Headphone&Pre Amplifier with XMOS 24bit 192kHz USB DAC DDC